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    Celebrating nine decades of foundation, Cooperative Winery Garibaldi has been the protagonist of a history in which tradition and avant-garde have been mixed in perfect Harmony since 1931. Preserving the cooperative ideal of the founding pioneers, it brings together more than 400 families under the ideal of taking from the land their sustenance, generation after generation, day after day.

    They are the ones who cultivate the life story of a region – personified in each of the more than one 1.000 Hectares of vineyards, spread across 15 municipalities in the Serra Gaúcha. They are responsible for producing more than 20 million kilos of grape each Harvest, which are processed in a modern industrial park that is constantly being updated – a recognition of the effort that comes from the field in the form of excellet quality  grapes.

    Investing in innovation, valuing quality and prioritizing sustainability at every stage of the business, Garibaldi Winery puts into practice a management that works today thinking about tomorrow. Its portofolio of sparkiling wines, wines and juices, exceeds 70 labels, organized into more than 10 brands. Awarded in Brazil and abroad (in 2018 and 2019, Garibaldi Winery was the most awarded Brazilian winery, with the highest number of medals and decorations received by its labels), the product win medals and fill cups around the world.They are the choices of those who want to toast the good moments in life.

    From the city of Garibaldi to the world,  They gain the preference of new consumers every day. The Products are present in several states in Brazil and also in other countries – a share that should grow even more in the coming years, depending on the strategic effort of the management and comercial areas. In addition to consolidation and expanding the business, Garibaldi winery’s goals is to invest even more in welcoming visitors over the next few years, welcoming them with novelties in the Wine Tourism Complex and providing them with unique outstanding experiences. We offer four brands to the foreign market – Garibaldi, Amaze, Amazing and Astral – totaling 28 items, with emphasis on sparkling wines and biodynamic grape juice, certified in international biodynamic agriculture, In the Brazilian market we operate with 12 brands and 70 items in our portfolio. Growing in a sustainable way is what Garibaldi Winery is planning – inviting everyone who is part of this large and solid Family to experience the satisfation of living life in Harmony every day.




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